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Prosper Daily – Money Tracker, which is an app, is developed by BillGuard, Inc.. It gets the download frequency of 500,000 – 1,000,000 ,which shows the rate of ★★★★☆.

Apps description

Here’s your money app. View all your accounts in one place – FREE! And free credit score tracking! It’s the smartest, easiest, most secure way to manage and budget your hard-earned money. Prosper Daily organizes all the activity and balances on your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts into one Smart Inbox. Detailed spend analytics, charge details, transaction maps and alerts to suspicious activity that your bank missed. Over $75M of wrongful charges identified so far!

★ “Best Android Apps” – Google ★

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Here are the following reviews about the app:

Protect your cash.
Connor Sanders

Hybrid – Google Play free/installable. This app lets you set up as passcode and then link your bank so you can see balance, transactions in nice visuals so you can monitor how you are spending your money much easier than it would be to scroll through a long ATM transactions list. Supports most UK Banks and even PayPal so you can see what you’ve spent via PayPal.
Gareth Morris

I am a big fan of this app. Basics of it is, you link your accounts on this app. It will track them and ask to verify purchases that could potentially be suspicious. Very good app, i’ve been using for a while now.
Brandon “RandomHero82” Dunbar

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