Hot reviews with the best Sports Games-ArcherWorldCup – Archery game

ArcherWorldCup – Archery game, which is an Sports Games app, is developed by BIGJAM. It gets the download frequency of 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 ,which shows the rate of ★★★★☆.

Apps description

The top killing-time game has come back. Aim your arrow at the target, and overcome the trembling of your heart and the blow of the wind!
You need to be even calmer when you get to the round with the moving aim.
Feel the thrill of achieving the highest score after the arrow is released.

ArcherWorldCup - Archery game Screenshot 1ArcherWorldCup - Archery game Screenshot 2ArcherWorldCup - Archery game Screenshot 3ArcherWorldCup - Archery game Screenshot 4

Here are the following reviews about the app:

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